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Our mission is to provide talented riders with promising horses and the long term partnerships needed for elite efforts aimed at the big championships

The riders we partner with source and produce promising athletes with the ambition to be part of the top sport. Sponsors and owners invest in, and financially support, the efforts over time and get to follow the journey up close, all through the Great Gaits platform.

Are you a rider, breeder, sponsor or owner? 

We offer a proven model for co-investing in sport horses, managing horse owner syndicates and for raising funds for, and investing in, elite efforts, all through the Great Gaits platform.

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For professional riders

Partnering with Great Gaits can help finance the sourcing of younger horses as well as securing an existing horse through a syndicate ownership model where Great Gaits acts as your main speaking partner and guarantee for a long term partnership. 


For breeders & existing owners

Are you looking to sell your horse or to find a model for shared ownership? Great Gaits can help you set up your own syndicate.


For aspiring owners

Co-owning a horse is a fantastic way to follow the training and matching of a promising athlete by a professional rider. It is a journey that we hope will take us many places and provide us with learnings, memories of a lifetime and in the best of cases, financial gains. Owners get regular updates, invitations to yard visits, clinics and shows and manage their administration easily through Great Gaits.


For sponsors

Great Gaits facilitates branding and sponsorship opportunities and acts as agents for the riders we partner with as well as our horses. 


Help shape the future of your sport


- Being a horse owner through Great Gaits is a unique opportunity to support talented riders and to be part of a professional team behind an elite effort. I get to experience all aspects of my horses journey, training, competing and management, together with likeminded. It's very inspiring!

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